Oak Hills Park is owned by the City of Norwalk and is managed by the Oak Hills Park Authority (OHPA). The principal goal of the OHPA is to operate the park profitably so no annual taxpayer support would be needed to operate and maintain the park while maximizing active and passive recreational uses for park users and customers.

In April of 2015, a Master Plan for Oak Hills was approved by the City of Norwalk as a guide to developing the park to its maximum potential. The major emphasis was placed on improvements to the Golf Course and Tennis Center as well as the creation of a Nature Area and a new park Welcome Center at the restaurant building.  The OHPA has been able to execute part of the physical improvements component of its Master Plan with a $1.5 million grant from the State of Connecticut that was obtained in 2014 through former State Representative Minority Leader Lawrence F. Cafero, Jr. That grant was finalized in April 2015. Major improvements that followed included new tee boxes, drainage, cart paths, and bunkers on the golf course, and the creation of the Nature Area, Great Lawn, and Fountain Garden. 

Oak Hills Park has a history of providing enjoyment for thousands in the community who like to play golf, tennis, or just want to commune with nature.

Funding capital improvements and other programs are an ongoing need at Oak Hills Park. Profitability varies widely from year to year and more often than not funds are not available for many needed projects.

The Supporters of Oak Hills Park is a 501(c)3 organization that was established in 2018 by several former OHPA members who created the group to serve as a conduit for people to donate to the park for everything from park improvements to programs. It is an independent organization with its own Board of Directors that works in conjunction with the Oak Hills Park Authority.

Through the group’s fundraising efforts to date the OHPA has been able to fund the following capital projects:

  • Fund improvements to the restaurant including the creation of the Welcome Center, renovation of the restaurant lobby, and installation of a new boiler.
  • Fund improvements to the main pump house
  • Fund plantings for the fountain garden
  • Fund renovations for the 9th Hole Concession stand
  • Fund opening expenses for the 2020 golf season
  • Fund paving work is done on the 5th and 6th hole cart path